dramatis personae casheer ms. spacerStage direction after 31 Marsalls | one him | I cannot imagine what bare might mean here, except perhaps “not wearing his regalia,” which seems unlikely on this ceremonial occasion; more likely the word is wrongly inserted here under the influence of its appearance a few lines below. spacer32 haue:spacer43 brawling (corr. second hand)spacer53 this line was originally attributed to the Lord Treasurer before correction by a second handspacerstage direction after 65 and old spacer134 would added by Boas - Gregspacer194 And was originally omitted, then added in a second handspacer205 vs:spacer209 onspacer229 read then for when?spacer237 goale [sic] marginally corrected to jaile spacer243 seeke.spacer260 returneth him spacer272 On onliespacer277 attend them: I have added on to satisfy the meterspacer280 is added by Boas - Greg spacer296 I have added still for the meterspacer304 daughter: corr. Boas - Greggspacer309 this. spacer327 read does? spacer332 I dare: corr. Boas - Greg spacer407 had. spacer421 quenchspacer433f. the ms. has if a shoe bee made of drie leather liquord well it will creake filthilie, and a mans throat if it bee made of drie leather will make a scurvie noise: Boas-Greg note that a negative is omitted, and suggest the reading adopted herespacer438 no punctuation after a sleepspacer442 drinke. | onspacer443 and the woon’t (here and at 447 and = if)spacer446 a doespacer453 drunked spacer458 constulted | belonginspacer473 mee? spacer482 no punctuation after thisspacer518 bee. spacer528 your spacer597 h’une spacer623 prosposd spacer642 that which see worthie love?spacer675 her spacer783 pulpaments spacer713 him?spacer739 confound spacer760 is spacer787 lieng