spacer1.9 Augustus | Corvinus
spacer1.10 Read partie? | Lollians and Varians | Varrons
spacerI.11 When
spacerI.16 Julius | tale
spacerI.17 and endured
spacerI.22 seate
spacerI.23 blades | modern editions have the Ninth legion, a copying error or in the souirce document? (Elsewhere Elizabeth repeatedly uses the word blades to designate gladiators.)
spacerI.30 In modern texts instead of this phantom individual Nonanus one reads "the ninth legion." Elizabeth's mistake or found in her source document?
spacerI.31 fell | Persennius
spacerI.32 soldier
spacerI.33 bought | other
spacerI.39 The MS. appears to have refrained
I. 40 soldier | away to no lesse
spacerI.53 Asprenates
spacerI.53 in the sommer
spacerI.56 forore
spacerI.64 beats | xixth
spacerI.65 stick
spacerI.70 Error for bustled?
spacer71 Modern texts have Stertinius.
spacer72 slipper
spacer77 places
spacer80 prolonged